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Escape Proof Dog Crates

There are many different types of dog crate and kennel. Years ago giving your dog exercise was easy, you either opened your front door so that he could go out for a wander on his own or else you just went out for a walk with him, letting him roam as he wished. However, with the huge increase in traffic in recent years it has simply become too dangerous, both for the dog and car drivers, to allow your dog out alone or even to let him walk with you but out of your control.

Not only that but if you let him out on his own he is likely to be reported as a stray and picked up to be taken to a dog kennel and then re-homed. As well as the danger posed by traffic many non-dog owners really dislike the idea of dogs who aren’t under the control of their owners as they feel that they pose a risk to their safety. Answers to this range from using harnesses to a small dog collar to keep your dog in check whilst out dog walking. Check out the escape proof crates at -  http://doggytoggery.com/escape-proof-dog-crates/

Of course, there are dog collars available for all sizes and breeds of dogs, but there are certain features of collars for small dogs which need to be considered if you own one of the tiny breeds such as a Terrier or a Chihuahua.

Firstly it is possible for even small dog collars to damage the neck and spine of a small dog if the owner pulls too hard and so the collar needs to be breathtaking and gentle. Mostly they are made from nylon or leather as these materials are the least harsh. The collars often have quick release, plastic fastenings so that if you do accidentally pull too hard the collar will simply come undone rather than cause harm. Though some people bypass the use of collars altogether by buying puppy clothes with integral harnesses this is not actually necessary as long as you are careful about not pulling too hard on the leash.

One of the nice things is that even if they are very small it is still possible to buy stylish dog collars in tiny sizes. They are often brightly coloured or have fancy patterns so that your little pet can look cool while out for a walk. As you can see, buying a small dog collar will stop your dog from getting run over or from running off and getting lost.

Heavy Duty & Escape Proof Dog Crates